Sunday, March 8, 2009

We meet Cousin Meredith Towan and some gung ho West Australians ...

We've docked, got thru Quarantine (the Taswegians are very careful not to let our Mainland nasties into their pristine state!) and set up our caravan in the park just 800m away from the ferry (convenient!) - the nice park manager said 'we've got a lovely site for you, right on the water for 4days' -we were puzzled having booked for just one night, but it turns out Max's Cousin Meredith and her friend were on the ferry too, and had booked into the same caravan park!!! Now, we haven't seen Cousin Meredith since Max's mother's funeral 11 years ago .... truly it is a small world! Lucky I brought the laptop with the family tree ..... :-)))

Tara text'd that she'd met up with someone who could give her a lift to Hobart tonight, so she's right - brave girl, travelling on her own like that .....

Camped behind us is a family from West Australia, drove across the Nullarbor non-stop in 3 days, worried he might hit a kangaroo but when he got over here in the east, it is so dry there are no kangaroos about - plenty in WA he said, they've had the wettest summer ever, and there are dead kangaroos everywhere, victims of stupid people like him. (I don't approve of his sort, he was boasting about fishing private dams which are stocked with trout, and shooting a wild pig as well, then if he gets caught the farmer only thinks he's been pig shooting - which appears to be the lesser of the two evils evidentally).

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