Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ross - lovely old town on the Macquarie River

The famous Ross Bridge

Max in his nifty blue galoshes!

From our campsite at Berriedale, on the Derwent River

It rained overnight, wouldn't you know it, so Max improvised with a couple of plastic bags on his feet - it worked! To pack up the van, he has to do a considerable amount of walking around it and muddy feet is not fun in the car!
Fortunately it has only rained at night, and today stayed true to form - a lovely autumn day for our short (100km or so) drive to Ross.
We stopped for morning tea at the Kentish Hotel in Oatlands - they have a bakery attached to the pub, and why not? We pulled in to Ross around midday, found the caravan park, um, campground? very pleasantly situated right next to the bridge, and with only one other van there - the facilities are fairly ordinary, but it's all about position, position, position isn't it? We are right next to the military barracks, Ross was a military town with several different corps stationed here at various times. We had dinner at the Man O' Ross Hotel, having had a good look at the various antique shops, a lovely garden-cum-nursery, a wood work exhibition and a wool exhibition.

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  1. We were there for the Scottish Weekend - lots of swaggering kilts and swirls of pipes!