Saturday, March 7, 2009

Our first day ....

This is where we're headed ... the Apple Isle as they used to call it (because of the apples it was famous for once upon a time). It's 450 km from Melbourne, Victoria, to Tasmania so we have to get on the ferry, the Spirit of Tasmania, to get there. Our destination, Devonport, is at the lowest point in the top of the island. We've just been chatting to Tara, a backpacker from Canada? USA? who has hitchhiked down from Kingaroy, Queensland with a truckie in about a day and half - 1800 kms! And she has to get to Hobart, right at the bottom of Tassie where she has friends - the ferry won't dock until 8pm tonight, so we've suggested she bring her tent and camp in the same caravan park we're going to and then she can head off tomorrow.

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